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  • MHC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, is a manufacturer and exporter of metals, such as Selenium, Tellurium, gallium, Bismuth, Cobalt, germanium, Titanium, molybdenum, zinc, copper and so on, together with lots of tombarthite, such as yttrium oxide, cerium oxide, neodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide, erbium oxide, europium oxide. Among them, Selenium、Selenium Dioxide, Tellurium, gallium, Bismuth, zinc are famous all over the country. We have many customers of bismuth oxide in China and Korea, Japan. Particle size under 1μm is of high quality and very competitive price. It is widely used in car windshield, Varistor, Bismuth salt, Electronic ceramic powder materials, Ferrite ceramics, Color crt shadow mask coatings, lightning rod, photovoltaic material, high temperature superconducting material for all kinds of industry. Zno is of good quantity advantage, using in advanced car Tires, Precision Rubber Instruments, Leaching agent, Zinc stearate, paramagnetic material, Medical, electro. Zinc Dust have a good purity, it is the first material in zinc-rich primers and container.

    MHC insists on' innovation, quality, efficiency and service’ as our main objectives and sincere wish to establish business relationship with YOU.

    We are principally engaged in the production and sale of non-ferrous metals and inorganic chemicals. In addition to this, we are available to take customer specified OEM orders. Our products include:

    1) Selenium Powder 99.5% - 99.9%

    2) Selenium Dioxide

    3) Tellurium

    4) Bismuth Oxide

    5) Zinc Dust

    6) Titanium Dioxide

    7) Cobalt Oxide 72%

    8) Copper Sulfate

    9) Zinc Oxide 99.7%

    10) Cerium Oxide

    11) Yttrium Oxide

    We manufacture products of a high quality and offer them at very competitive prices. Our products are manufactured using the latest equipment and technology imported from abroad, and therefore match the quality and standard of any similar products made elsewhere in the world.

    We have taken 'quality, development, integrity, and efficiency’as the four main qualities our company must attain in all areas of its work. Moreover, we follow the principle that quality first, reliability, and superior customer service must be what our management team sets as the benchmark within our company. We will continue to ensure that we develop new products, establish new markets, and expand our worldwide reputation and profile.

    Courtesy of our up-to-date techniques, advanced equipment, manufacturing experience, and a team of high-level engineers and technicians, we have been successfully serving our many our customers throughout several industries. These industries include paint and coatings manufacture, paper, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

    We extend a warm welcome to new customers, and wish to establish cooperative business relationships with serious companies seeking to source quality products from China. Contact us today.